Terms and Conditions

1. Definitions These terms and conditions establish a legally binding contract between the client or employer (referred to as the "Client") and the Royal Nannies Agency (referred to as the “Agency"). When the Client provides verbal or written instructions to the Agency for submitting suitable Candidates for contact, interviews, or interview arrangements, this action signifies the Client's acceptance of these terms and conditions.

In these Terms and Conditions of Business and other Agency literature, words highlighted in bold capital letters have specific meanings unless the context suggests otherwise:

(a) "Agency" is Royal Recruitment s.r.o., with registered offices at:

  • Royal Recruitment s.r.o, 3 Shortlands, London, W6 8DA, United Kingdom (London Office)
  • Royal Recruitment s.r.o, Belanska stvrt 559/58, Liptovsky Hradok, 03301, Slovakia (Central Europe Office)

Royal Recruitment s.r.o. acts as a matching service, connecting and introducing suitable Candidates to the Client.

(b) "Client" refers to any person, parent, family member, or third party appointed by such person, as named on the Client Registration Form, for whom the Agency has agreed to provide Services following these Conditions.

(c) "Candidate" means an individual introduced by the Agency to the Client for potential employment as a nanny, manny, maternity nurse, governess, personal assistant, personal trainer, house manager, babysitter, or any other household staff on a temporary or permanent basis, whether full or part-time.

(d) "Registration fee" denotes the initial registration fee paid before the full Placement fee.

(e) "Placement fee" signifies the complete fee for placing a Candidate with a Client, following payment of the initial registration fee.

2. Registration Clients and Candidates are required to complete the online Registration Form for acceptance as clients. Alternatively, if online registration is not feasible, they must sign the Terms and Conditions and return them to the Agency for acceptance and inclusion in our records. Filling out the online registration form constitutes confirmation of acceptance of the Agency's Terms & Conditions.

3. Interviewing Before arranging personal interviews with candidates, the Client must provide a minimum of two documents to the Agency: a copy of their ID or passport for identification and a proof of address, such as a household bill. No personal interviews should occur until the Client has submitted these documents to the Agency. For overseas clients, these documents should be submitted before paying the 120 Euro registration fee. Interviews can be conducted in person, over the phone, through Zoom, WhatsApp, or via Skype. The Client agrees to notify the Agency in writing of any interviews taking place and to reimburse reasonable travel expenses for Candidates based outside of London or outside the country where the job will be located. The Client must settle these expenses directly with the Candidate during the interview stage, with the Candidate providing relevant receipts for reimbursement.

4. Client's Rights & Obligations A. The Client agrees to promptly notify the Agency, either verbally or in writing, once an offer of employment has been made and accepted by the Candidate. The Client must provide details such as the start date, length of engagement, and agreed net weekly wages, and pay the relevant Agency fee accordingly, following the terms and conditions.

B. The Client will be held accountable if they bypass the Agency by failing to inform the Agency about the start of employment within 7 days from the offer date. The Client will be required to pay the full agency fee, including a 50% penalty surcharge in such cases.

C. The Client is responsible for the employment of the Candidate in accordance with all applicable employment legislation in the country of employment. The Client undertakes to become the sole employer of the Candidate.

D. The Client must provide a signed employment contract upon engagement and is responsible for the Candidate's Tax and National Insurance contributions, obtaining work permits, and complying with any medical requirements or qualifications as mandated by law. A copy of the signed contract must be emailed to the Agency within 7 days from the date of commencement.

E. The Client (or an appointed person) must provide a copy of their passport as proof of identification and proof of address, such as a household bill, before the Agency arranges any interviews with candidates and/or before the Candidate's employment starts.

F. The Client is solely responsible for evaluating the suitability of the Candidate. The Agency cannot be held responsible for any inaccuracies in the candidate's portfolio as those are provided directly by the Candidate. The Client agrees to assess the Candidate's suitability by conducting interviews and checking any references provided by the agency and copies of documents provided by the Candidate to the Agency.

G. The Client agrees to inform the Agency if the nature of the Candidate's employment changes in any way during the first six months from the commencement date. The Client also agrees to pay an additional fee (standard fee for such service minus placement fees already paid) if there is an increase in working hours or days compared to the original agreement when the Candidate started employment.

H. The Client is solely responsible for ensuring that the Candidate is eligible to work in the Client's country, including covering travel expenses such as flights, taxis, shuttles, and any necessary work permits, visas, or immigration requirements. The Client is also responsible for arranging and paying for any required medical examinations or investigations into the medical history and health, as well as travel insurance if applicable.

I. If the position of employment is temporary and the Candidate rejoins the Client at any time in the future after the agreed period, the Client must notify the Agency and pay the relevant placement fee again. If the original temporary employment is extended, the Client must also notify the Agency and pay an additional fee.

J. Clients agree not to disclose any introductions of Candidates to third parties. The personal and contact details of Candidates must be kept strictly confidential. Any breach of this undertaking resulting in the employment of a Candidate by a third party obligates the Client to pay the full Agency's placement fee.

K. The Client is responsible for paying the Candidate the agreed salary for any trial hours requested to assess suitability. Guidance on current market salaries can be found on our website.

L. The Client is responsible for providing one return flight ticket per year for their Candidate, typically from the Candidate's home country to the country of employment and back.

5. Candidate's Rights & Obligations A. The Candidate acknowledges that the Agency serves as a referral and matching service, providing Clients with information about potential Candidates in exchange for a placement fee.

B. The Candidate agrees to provide the Agency with complete, accurate, and truthful personal and contact information. The Candidate must also furnish full details of previous work history, including contactable references, as requested by the agency.

C. The Candidate agrees not to disclose certain personal information (full name, phone number, email address, postal address, etc.) to prospective clients (parents) during the interview stage. This information will be released to Clients solely by a Recruitment Consultant employed by the Agency, and it will not be shared with third parties or disclosed on the Agency's website without the Candidate's approval. Joining the agency as a Candidate is free, and there is no obligation to remain with the agency for a specific duration. The Candidate can withdraw from the agency at any time without charge or obligation.

D. The Agency and the Candidate acknowledge that there is no employee/employer relationship between them.

E. The Candidate cannot use the Royal Nannies Agency name and reputation to work for other clients.

F. The Candidate must promptly notify the Agency if they are offered employment directly or indirectly through the Client or if the Client contacts the Candidate directly without Agency permission.

G. The Agency reserves the right to terminate the agreement with the Candidate at any time for reasons including but not limited to unprofessional conduct, misrepresentation of the agency's image and company name, lateness, no-shows, drug or alcohol abuse, previous or current criminal records.

H. The Agency does not provide any representations or warranties to the Candidate regarding any Client. The Agency offers only an introduction service between the Candidate and prospective clients and will refer their name and portfolio to suitable clients. The Agency cannot guarantee that a Candidate will be interviewed or hired by any prospective Clients, nor can the Agency guarantee the duration of the employment once hired. Any interviews, background checks, police checks, First Aid training, and other required training are the responsibility and expense of the Candidate.

I. The Candidate must discuss and confirm wages (for trial, temporary, permanent work) and all working conditions directly with the Client during the interview stage and request the Client to sign a Work Agreement before commencing any work, be it a trial, temporary, or permanent. The Agency cannot be held responsible for negotiating wages, loss of wages, employment termination, or changes in working conditions resulting from work for the Client.

J. The Candidate is not legally obligated to work for a specific Client and may request placement with another client at their discretion. The Candidate releases Royal Nannies Agency and its officers, agents, employees, affiliates, and associates from any claims, liabilities, injuries, demands, suits, actions, or causes of action arising from any action by the Agency or the release of any information by the Agency.

K. All parties agree that the Agency is not liable to the Candidate or any other person, including the Candidate’s family, successors, heirs, or assigns, for incidental or consequential losses, damages, or expenses arising directly or indirectly from any action or failure to act by a Client. It is agreed that there is no representation, warranty, collateral agreement, or condition affecting this agreement except as expressed in it. This written instrument embodies the entire agreement of the parties except as expressly set out herein. The Candidate acknowledges having read, understood, and agreed to the terms and conditions of this agreement outlined herein.

L. The Candidate must be willing to sign a confidentiality agreement before starting the role.

6. Non-Disclosure and Communication Protocol 6.1 The Candidate agrees not to disclose personal contact details or engage in direct communication with the family. This includes but is not limited to sharing passport details or any other sensitive documents.

6.2 All communication related to potential trials, arrangements, or any other matters must be exclusively conducted through the agent from Royal Nannies.

6.3 If the family approaches the nanny directly and requests her details for the purpose of organizing a trial, the nanny must immediately inform the family that all arrangements should be coordinated through the agent from Royal Nannies.

6.4 Failure to adhere to this protocol may result in bypassing the agency and traveling at your own risk. It is important to note that by neglecting this step, certain safety checks on the client may not be undertaken by the agency.

7. Agency's Rights & Obligations A. The Agency operates as a matching service that connects and introduces suitable Candidates to the client, facilitating introductions between individuals seeking service contracts.

B. The Agency strives to assess the suitability of any Candidate for introduction to the Client by collecting a minimum of two references for each Candidate. However, the responsibility for determining the suitability of a Candidate for engagement remains with the Client.

C. The Agency bears no responsibility for the Client and Candidate’s employment contract, portfolio, and any associated matters. Employment terms are to be negotiated between the Client and Candidate. The Agency provides a sample employment contract for reference.

D. The Agency cannot be held liable and disclaims responsibility for any losses, damages, delays, inconveniences, costs, property damage, property theft, deaths, injuries, or accidents incurred or suffered by the Client, the Client's family, servants, or assets, whether directly or indirectly during employment or introduction of the Candidate, allegedly arising from the acts or character of the Candidate introduced by the Agency. To the extent permitted by law, such acts or omissions, even if negligent or fraudulent, shall not result in liability for the Agency. Any losses shall be limited to the Placement Fees paid to the Agency for a placement.

E. The Agency does not offer any warranty regarding the Candidate's suitability, personality, character, honesty, or reliability.

F. The Agency does not employ Candidates directly or indirectly. Candidates are introduced to Clients and are solely employed by the Client, except in cases of self-employed Candidates (limited to child-minders or maternity nurses, as standard nannies cannot be self-employed). Candidates work under the supervision, direction, and control of the Client.

G. The Agency reserves the right to change or amend the above Terms and Conditions without prior notice, with all changes posted on its website. It is the Client's responsibility to check these Terms and Conditions for updates. Continued use of the site and services after changes have been made implies acceptance of the changes.

8. Fees A. The payable placement fee depends on whether the Agency arranges a Permanent or Temporary Placement and must adhere to the fee structure outlined on the website: Link to Agency Fees.

B. All introduction fees for placements in the UK and EU are subject to VAT.

C. Agency fees are non-refundable.

D. If a Candidate introduced by the Agency is rejected (or rejects an employment offer) by the Client and is subsequently employed by the Client at any time, the full introduction fee is payable.

E. Invoices issued by the Agency must be paid in full before the Candidate starts their engagement with the Client. For overseas placements, invoices must be settled by the Client before the Candidate departs for such placements. For temporary positions, the Client agrees to settle any invoice before the temporary placement commences. The Candidate will not start employment until the invoice is fully settled.

F. Late fees will be applied to overdue balances. A service fee of 50 EUR plus 5% of the overdue amount per month will be charged for all overdue balances under 500 EUR, or 100 EUR plus 5% of the overdue amount per month for all overdue balances over 500 EUR.

G. All invoices must be paid to the following account:

  • Account name: ROYAL RECRUITMENT s.r.o. I
  • BAN: SK92 1111 0000 0011 2352 2006 
  • Swift code: UNCRSKBX 
  • Bank name: UNICREDIT BANK 
  • Bank Address: Namestie Osloboditelov 7, 03101 Liptovsky Mikulas, Slovakia

H. Invoices not settled within 30 days from the invoice date will be referred to a debt collector, incurring additional charges.

9. Additional Fees A. If a client employs a staff member introduced by Royal Nannies but fails to inform the Agency within 7 days, the fee payable will be subject to a 30% surcharge.

B. When a temporary position evolves into a permanent one, the Client must pay the full Agency Fee for the permanent position.

C. If a Candidate previously employed by the Client on a temporary basis is re-hired within six calendar months