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We provide maternity services both in London and internationally. Our team of maternity nurses is highly experienced, qualified, and DBS checked, and we can provide excellent references upon request. Maternity nurses specialize in caring for newborn babies during the first 8-15 weeks after birth.

Here are some details regarding working hours and standard duties:

Working Hours:

  • Maternity nurses are typically employed around the clock, working 24 hours a day, 6 to 7 days a week.
  • Governesses are entitled to a 4-hour break each day, as required by law.

Standard Maternity Nurse Duties:

  • Providing postnatal care for your newborn baby.
  • Assisting in establishing a routine for the baby.
  • Setting up and maintaining the baby's nursery.
  • Handling daily laundry for the newborn.
  • Establishing sleeping patterns for the baby.
  • Providing nighttime care for the baby to allow parents to rest.
  • Offering support with breastfeeding.
  • Ensuring safety and hygiene around the newborn.
  • Sterilizing bottles and feeding equipment.
  • Bathing the baby.

Maternity Nurse Salary: Maternity nurses work as self-employed professionals, and their salaries can vary based on factors such as age, experience, location, and whether they are caring for a single baby, twins, or triplets. The following salary ranges are provided as guidelines:

  • 24-hour care for a single baby: £300-£450 per 24-hour day (gross).
  • 24-hour care for twin babies: £350-£500 per 24-hour day (gross).

London Nanny Agency Worldwide Coverage of Maternity Nurses: Our agency offers maternity nurse services not only in London but also in various locations worldwide, including:

Geneva, Paris, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Doha - Qatar, Bahrain, Riyadh, Jeddah, Amman - Jordan, Cairo - Egypt, Istanbul, Ankara - Turkey, Monte Carlo - Monaco, Vienna - Austria, Munich - Germany, Milan, Rome - Italy, Madrid, Marbella, St Petersburg - Russia, Bermuda, Caribbean, Ukraine, Baku - Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Hong Kong, Thailand, Malaysia, Los Angeles, New York - USA, Singapore, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Al Khobar, Kuwait, Cayman Islands, and many other places around the world.

Please feel free to reach out to us for more information or to inquire about our maternity nurse services in your specific location.